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Choosing large images often shows medium size.


This is a great screensaver. I'm using it at work on dual monitors and love the way it puts a different image up on each monitor.
I set the image size to Large and the result was strange, so I downloaded the code to see if I could identify a cause.
I checked the code that selects the images and checking against the sizes I have in my photostream, I can see the problem. You set the url to the second last size in the size collection and then go looking for a size match and use one if found. However, if I upload an image that is 1024 or smaller, the all sizes page shows the uploaded image as original and the next size is the medium. There isn't an image called "large". In fact there's only an image called large if the uploaded image is larger than 1024.
I modified the code to set the initial url to the last in the collection and left the next loop as is. This solved that problem.